Our Clients
Al Jabri Softwares has a huge list of clients who are with us from a long time because of our performance in developing softwares and providing quick support.
Saline Water Conversion Co-Operation (S.W.C.C)
S.W.C.C is the largest water plant in Saudi Arabia which has huge plants all over the kingdom. It is know to generate water which is provided throughout the Kingdom.

We started working with S.W.C.C more a decade ago. We developed, modified many softwares for them which are being used by them till now. They use all the applications through intranet.

The list of Web Application we developed for them are as follows:
--> Safety Fire & Environment (SAFEN) for Jeddah, Yanbu, Shuqaiq, Shoaiba
--> Visitors for Jeddah
--> Vehicle Equipment Maintainance (VEM) for Jeddah & Yanbu
--> Operation Management System (O.M.P.S) for Jeddah
--> Plant Relation System (P.R.S) for Yanbu
--> Incident Application for Jeddah

Window Applications:
--> Workflow Safety for Jeddah
--> JedSecurity for Jeddah 

TAMER 3PL Group is a huge logistics company which supply goods in the Saudi Arabia. It has huge number of products to deliver to its customers.

We provided them with a software that keeps track of all their Vehicle & Equipment Maintenance JobOrders. To keep track of all the expenses and tickets issued daily for maintainance is done by the applications.

We are even keeping track of the stock used for maintainance. All tickets are completed by a registered pattern with 
emails sending to the departments head on each actions taken. Its a vast application with easy access and reports.
Tasheel is the Ministry of Labour services in Saudi Arabia. We provided them with application that keep tracks of the incoming and outgoing umrah people from all means of transport like air,water,land. Its a statistics application which shows them about the status of the inbound and outbound passengers.
Royal Guard
Royal Guard is the security department for the kings palace in Saudi Arabia. We provided them with workflow and archiving application that which helps them in keeping track of inflows,outflows and attachments like multimedia or documents. They have large number of files like films of all events that occur in Jeddah,KSA are been saved in the archiving application. Where as any transaction done by them are registered in workflow.